Whether you’ve been dreaming about remodeling your whole home for years or are building a brand new one, planning a home remodel can give new meaning to the word “stress.” Fitting in material selections, floor plans, and product research can be overwhelming with an already busy schedule.

At Harty Interiors, we understand the changing needs of families and how it impacts your home design choices. We recognize that modern families require flexible spaces that can adapt to their evolving lifestyles. From open concept layouts that promote family togetherness to multi-functional rooms that serve multiple purposes, we incorporate these changing needs into our design process.

With experienced interior consulting, 3D visualization software, and efficient processes, we take care of the nitty gritty, so you can enjoy seeing your dream remodel or new build come to life.


Book your complimentary discovery call.
In this short call, we’ll get to know more about you, your space, and what you need help with to kick off your project.


Create a functional, beautiful, modern home that reflects your unique lifestyle, tastes, and needs with our whole-home interior design services.

This service includes:

3D Designs

  • Using cutting-edge architectural software, we design 3D renderings of your whole-home design with recommended finishes and decór.  

floor plans

  • From custom kitchen and bathroom designs to cabinet layouts and lighting designs, our detailed floor plans give you thorough visualization of your new home and offer specifications for every material.

FF&E Sourcing

  • Need help sourcing quality furnishings, finishes, materials, cabinetry, fixtures, and decór? We bring you to showrooms where we’ll work with you to select products and order samples.

Site visits

  • We work closely with your contractor to ensure they adhere to our high design standards throughout your whole-home remodel or new build project.  

Custom Furnishings

  • Get exclusive access to our network of retailers and vendors for custom upholstery, designer fabrics, soft goods, window treatments, and lighting fixtures.
Fees will be calculated depending on project scope. Please book a complimentary Discovery Call so we may learn more about your project.
“We could not have imagined a better partnership. Yvonne turned our home into a place where we finally feel it’s ours.”

— Pat & Anne

Sacramento, California


Once you fill out a design questionnaire, we visit your home for an in-person meeting to take measurements and get a deeper understanding of your space, issues, and goals.


Now that we’ve nailed down your vision, we create your virtual 3D home design within 2-4 weeks, taking into account everything we discussed.


You will receive a link for our design presentation where we’ll walk through your new virtual space together and make real-time adjustments.


You’ll be able to see different material options come to life in our 3D software, helping you make informed style and finish choices once we visit showrooms and our design studio.


Now, we collaborate closely with you to perfect your design down to the finest details.


We work with your chosen contractor to ensure our detailed design plans are perfectly executed and install your new furniture and decór to complete your new space.

/ 1 /  KICKOFF

Our process always starts with a discovery call. Whether you are looking for full-service interior design or you’re a DIY-er and are looking for help pulling a design together, we will help you navigate the best next steps in your design project. During this initial phone call, we will discuss your general ideas and explain our process.

/ 2 /  CONSULT

Initial meeting to discuss your project and ideas:

Our first meeting will be an in-person meeting at your home.

We will take measurements and before pictures.

You will be asked to fill out our client questionnaire and provide a copy to us at least 2 days prior to our initial meeting.

Do you have original blueprints or any construction documents from previous renovations? Perfect! Send us a copy.

**Please make sure to print to scale so we can figure out dimensions that may be missing on the plans **

/ 3 /  DESIGN

We will create a personalized design concept according to the information provided at our initial meeting and through our client questionnaire.

Client-designer collaboration through our project management app Mydoma Studio is always encouraged.

Please make sure to upload any inspiration photos into Mydoma Studio as well as any specific materials you may have already selected for your project.

This step generally takes about 1-2 weeks for a room-by-room approach or smaller projects but can take up to 4 weeks, depending on project scope.

/ 4 /  PRESENT

This is the fun part!

Our initial design presentation will be held on Zoom.

We will “walk” you through your new space - virtually - and you will be able to address any concerns or change requests.

Together, we can make real-time adjustments. Most clients LOVE this part and being able to be part of the design process.


Together, we determine the scope of work and agree on a budget, no matter if we’re talking about $50k or $500k, we make sure that everything is included and planned for.

This is the time to dream big and include everything that's on your wishlist. Once we have a first draft, we make changes to match your expectations.

The result is a finished plan that has a clear scope of work and budget established.

/ 6 /  SELECT

Our next meeting will be an in-person meeting to show you samples of finishes and materials. You will be able to touch and feel fabrics, tile, flooring options, or other finishes and materials.

We will meet at different showrooms or our studio.

This may be a series of multiple meetings, depending on project scope.

/ 7 /  REFINE

Your home should tell your story.

It is very important to us to create a personalized design to ensure an individualized outcome for you.

We will implement any change requests at this point and prepare your documentation package upon your approval of the design.



3D renderings are always included in our design.

/ 9 /  EXECUTE

We will provide the contractor of your choice with all necessary information they will need to start construction.

If you choose to purchase any furniture through Harty Interiors, we will collect payment and start our ordering process at this time.

Once all of your items have arrived at the warehouse and all construction-based phases have been completed, we will schedule a day to deliver and install your new furniture, along with accessories and styling.

Large open concept bathroom design
Award winning kitchen design in Sacramento
Ready to maximize your home’s potential?


What does your process look like?

This is a full service design service from concept to completion and we will be by your side through the entire project.

You will receive a login to your client portal after our initial in-home consultation.

This is where we will be able to collaborate and upload any project-related documents, such as design plans, construction plans, inspiration pictures, renderings, etc.

How are your Whole-home services different from others?

Our use of 3D architecture software delivers a truly collaborative design experience, where you can see how different options or layouts will actually look in your virtual space, helping you make informed design decisions.

Our Master Plan Design Concept step helps us to determine the scope of work and agree on a budget, no matter if we’re talking about $50k or $500k, we make sure that everything is included and planned for. This is the time to dream big and include everything that's on your wishlist. Once we have a first draft, we make changes to match your expectations. The result is a finished plan that has a clear scope of work and budget established that we can move to the next step with.

What are drawings, and why are they necessary?

Using 3D software, we create detailed drawings which are visual plans of your whole-home remodel. They show walls, windows, doors, fixtures, and interior finishes, matching the exact scale of your space.  

Drawings ensure your contractor gives you an accurate bid and are used as a working document for the crew. All our design plans meet NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association) standards and are heavily detailed.  

Please note that drawings are typically about 75% accurate, as we don’t know what's behind your walls. The proposed design may change once the wall removal begins.

Do I have to hire contractors on my own?

Yes. Harty Interiors is not a licensed contractor, so we ask that you enter into contracts directly with your chosen contractor. However, we can help you find a suitable contractor through our trusted network of trade professionals.

I don't have the budget for a designer to help me with my entire project. Can I still use your services?

Absolutely! Our Interior Consulting Services are perfect if you’re working on a home renovation project on your own but want professional advice before making costly mistakes.

How much do your whole-home design services cost?

Once we have a better understanding of your project and the scope of work after our consultation, we’ll suggest one of our design packages to suit your needs, calculated based on our levels of involvement.

However, as a rough pricing guide:  

A full service design investment starts around $5K+ on the low end for a single room. Design fees for a complete home remodel or large new construction can go up to six figures. (Design fees only.)

Furniture budgets start around $25K to fully furnish a single room, such as a living room. Furnishing a whole home starts around $150K.

When is the best time to hire an interior designer for my project?

As early in the process as possible. We love (and prefer!) collaborating with homeowners, builders, contractors, architects, etc. to come up with the best solutions for YOUR needs.

Teamwork makes the dream work!