Too busy to do the research?

Maybe you have a design in mind for your new kitchen, bathroom, or whole-home remodel, but need help making sense of your 100+ Pinterest boards. Without an interior designer on your side, it can be stressful to narrow down materials, finishes, and layouts.

You want to make informed choices you know will work for your unique lifestyle and budget without spending hours deep diving into specs? At Harty Interiors, we offer interior design consultations that help you fit every piece of the puzzle into an efficient 3D visualization.


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In this short call, we’ll get to know more about you, your space, and what you need help with to kick off your project.


We offer two different consultation styles depending on your goals.

Master Plan Design Concept

  • Are you a contractor or homeowner planning a remodel and don’t know where to start or what to expect? Our Master Plan Design Concept service is a great fit for you.
  • Together, we determine the scope of work and agree on a budget, no matter if we’re talking about $50k or $500k, we make sure that everything is included and planned for.
  • This is the time to dream big and include everything that's on your wishlist. Once we have a first draft, we make changes to match your expectations.
  • The result is a finished plan that has a clear scope of work and budget established.


  • If you’re not in need of our full interior design services, our Designer BY-YOUR-SIDE Consultations could be right for you. Get our expert interior design support whenever you need help making smart choices for your home.  
  • This is a flexible service, fees are calculated on a project-by-project basis and depending on project scope.
  • Ideal for floorplan reviews, material selections, specific shopping assistance, lighting design, and so much more.
  • After discussing your project, we’ll estimate the number of hours that you will need. Then, we’re yours for the day, or several days, to develop a design, select materials, shop for appliances, flooring options, and decór.
“We cannot say enough good things about our experience working with Yvonne.
She’s a true professional with insights we couldn’t have seen ourselves.”

— Jenifer  & David

Sacramento, California
Want your space to work better for you?


I don't have the budget for a designer to help me with my entire project. Can I still use your services?


Our Interior Design Consulting Services are perfect if you’re working on a home renovation project on your own, but want professional advice before making costly mistakes.

Is there anything I should do to prepare for the consultation?

We’re all about creating more efficiency at Harty Interiors. To ensure you get the most out of your consultation, we ask that you have the following prepared in advance:  

We’ll email you a client questionnaire before the consultation, please fill this out and submit it at least two days before your consultation.  

Have some questions prepared before we arrive that you’d like us to cover and email them to us so we can prepare in advance.

If you need help deciding on finishes for your kitchen or bathroom remodel, please have samples ready at your home for us to discuss.

If you’d like us to bring something in advance (samples, mood boards, etc.), please email us a list before your consultation.

Do you have examples of questions you can help with?

When it comes to your home’s layout, materials, and finishes, we can develop creative solutions for any design challenge.

Here are some examples of questions we can answer:

  • What changes can be made to improve my kitchen layout?
  • Are clearances adequate?
  • Should I move the refrigerator to another wall?
  • What are the benefits of a speed oven?
  • What countertop finishes do you recommend? What are the pros and cons of each?
  • How can I bring more light into my kitchen?
  • What changes should I make to improve flow?
  • What’s the best flooring material for my kitchen?
  • Would open shelves or closed cabinetry work better?
  • How can I maximize my bathroom space?
  • What do I need to consider when choosing a bathroom tile?
What is the difference between your Master Plan and Designer By-Your-Side Consultation?

Our Master Plan package is perfect for you if you are planning a remodel project and don't know where to start or what to expect. Together, we will create a design concept including all items on your wish list and create a budget so that you can make informed monetary decisions as to the extent and scope of the project.

Our Designer By-Your-Side Consultation is a flexible service which can be used however YOU need. After discussing your project, we’ll estimate the number of hours that you will need. Then, we’re yours for the day, or several days, to develop a design, select materials, shop for appliances, flooring options, and decór.

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