Been fantasizing about your kitchen or bathroom remodel for months, but aren’t sure where to start? Overwhelmed by endless design choices and finishes? Need help figuring out the best layout to drive efficiency and create your ideal space?

At Harty Interiors, we develop creative interior solutions for your unique design challenges.
Whether you want a modern, open-concept kitchen remodel to entertain or a spa-like bathroom where you can relax,
we’re here to bring your dream kitchen and bathroom to life.


Book your complimentary discovery call.
In this short call, we’ll get to know more about you, your space, and what you need help with to kick off your project.


Create a beautiful and functional space for your kitchen or bathroom keeping your lifestyle, taste, and needs in mind.

Our Kitchen and Bath Design Packages will provide you with a set of detailed permit-ready design plans.

The delivery package is tailored to the requirements of each individual project. Projects may require some or all of the following deliverables:

In-home consultation

An on-site meeting up to 90 minutes to discuss your project and ideas.

Virtual design Presentation

Zoom meeting, up to 90 minutes.

We will “walk” you through your new space – virtually.

You will be able to see your design and address any concerns or change requests. Most clients LOVE this part and being able to be part of the design process.

Sourcing of materials

Utilizing our quality & trustworthy trade-only suppliers, we’ll source all specified items in your design and provide an initial estimate of costs.

Includes samples of selected materials and finishes, such as tile, cabinet finishes, countertop, paint colors, etc.

Specification List for your contractor

A separate document listing all project-related specifications for all details and selections, such as fixtures, paint colors, appliances, materials, finishes, grout colors, etc.

Detailed Design Plans

Preparation and delivery of a comprehensive interior documentation package for detailed costing and construction purposes.


This package will vary from job-to-job and may include all or some of the following:  

  • Dimensioned Floor Plan including specifications
  • Construction Plan (if applicable - showing construction-related changes)
  • Electrical Plan / Lighting Layout
  • Elevations
  • Concept / Digital Design or Mood Boards

BONUS: 3D Renderings

A Computerized 3D Image of your new space.

This is a special service we always include for our clients!

Project Management

On-site Trade Visits, Follow up on Orders, Arrange Deliveries, & Admin

*Design concept, selection and specification only, does not include materials, products, or installation.
“Yvonne is great to work with and eliminates so much stress when it comes to any remodeling project!
We LOVE our kitchen and are convinced we would not have the beautiful dream kitchen we do today without her.”

— Lisa  & Greg

Newcastle, California


Once you fill out a design questionnaire, we visit your home for an in-person meeting to take measurements and get a deeper understanding of your space, issues, and goals.


Now that we’ve nailed down your vision, we create your virtual 3D kitchen or bathroom design within 1-2 weeks, taking into account everything we discussed.


You will receive a link for our design presentation where we’ll walk through your new virtual space together and make real-time adjustments.


You’ll be able to see different material options come to life in our 3D software, helping you make informed style and finish choices once we visit showrooms and our design studio.


Now, we collaborate closely with you to perfect your kitchen or bathroom design down to the finest details.


At this point, your designs are ready for permit approvals and your contractor. We’ll also give you a shopping list for materials or work with you to style your new space.
Just need some interior design advice?
Don’t need an interior designer for your entire kitchen or bathroom remodel? We offer Master Plans and Designer By-Your-Side consultations charged by the hour.


How are your kitchen and bath design services different from others?

Our use of 3D architecture software delivers a truly collaborative design experience, where you can see how different options or layouts will actually look in your virtual space, helping you make informed design decisions.

Do I need to measure my space?

Don’t worry about getting your tape measure out! For smaller or one-room projects, we typically take measurements during our first in-home consultation. For larger remodels, we’ll bring an assistant.

Do you have original blueprints or any construction documents from previous renovations? Perfect! We'd love a copy.

What are drawings, and why are they necessary?

Using 3D software, we create detailed drawings which are visual plans of your kitchen or bathroom remodel. They show walls, windows, doors, fixtures, and interior finishes, matching the exact scale of your space.  

Drawings ensure your contractor gives you an accurate bid and are used as a working document for the crew. All our design plans meet NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association) standards and are heavily detailed.  

Please note that drawings are typically about 75% accurate, as we don’t know what's behind your walls. The proposed design may change once the wall removal begins.

How long does the design process take?

We will have your kitchen or bathroom design ready within about 4-6 weeks, depending on project scope, number of revisions, and level of detail with the initial draft completed within 1-2 weeks.

Do I have to hire contractors on my own?

Yes. Harty Interiors is not a licensed contractor, so we ask that you enter into contracts directly with your chosen contractor. However, we can help you find a suitable contractor through our trusted network of trade professionals.

I don't have the budget for a designer to help me with my entire project. Can I still use your services?

Absolutely! Our Interior Design Consulting Services are perfect if you’re working on a home renovation project on your own, but want professional advice before making costly mistakes.

How much do your kitchen and bath design services cost?

Once we have a better understanding of your project and the scope of work after our consultation, we’ll suggest one of our design packages to suit your needs, calculated based on our levels of involvement.

However, as a rough pricing guide:

Bathroom design services start at $5,000

Bathroom remodels range from $30k - $60k+

Kitchen design services start at $8,000

Kitchen remodels range from $80k - $150k+


Explore our portfolio of past kitchen and bath remodels to get some inspiration for your project.
Looking for a kitchen or bathroom design to improve efficiency and flow?