our process

While our design process will vary depending on your unique project, the following 8-Step Process outlines the design experience.

/ 1 /  KICKOFF

Our process always starts with a discovery call. Whether you are looking for full-service interior design or you’re a DIY-er and are looking for help pulling a design together, we will help you navigate the best next steps in your design project. During this initial phone call, we will discuss your general ideas and explain our process.

/ 2 /  CONSULT

Initial meeting to discuss your project and ideas:

  • Our first meeting will be an in-person meeting at your home.
  • We will take measurements and before pictures.
  • You will be asked to fill out our client questionnaire and provide a copy to us at least 2 days prior to our initial meeting.
  • Do you have original blueprints or any construction documents from previous renovations? Perfect! Send us a copy.
  • **Please make sure to print to scale so we can figure out dimensions that may be missing on the plans **

/ 3 /  DESIGN

We will create a personalized design concept according to the information provided at our initial meeting and through our client questionnaire.

  • Client-designer collaboration through our project management app Mydoma Studio is always encouraged.
  • Please make sure to upload any inspiration photos into Mydoma Studio as well as any specific materials you may have already selected for your project.
  • This step generally takes about 1-2 weeks for a room-by-room approach or smaller projects but can take up to 4 weeks, depending on project scope.

/ 4 /  PRESENT

This is the fun part!

  • Our initial design presentation will be held on Zoom.
  • We will “walk” you through your new space - virtually - and you will be able to address any concerns or change requests.
  • Together, we can make real-time adjustments. Most clients LOVE this part and being able to be part of the design process.

/ 5 /  MASTER PLAN Design Concept

  • Together, we determine the scope of work and agree on a budget, no matter if we’re talking about $50k or $500k, we make sure that everything is included and planned for.
  • This is the time to dream big and include everything that's on your wishlist. Once we have a first draft, we make changes to match your expectations.
  • The result is a finished plan that has a clear scope of work and budget established.

/ 6 /  SELECT

Our next meeting will be an in-person meeting to show you samples of finishes and materials. You will be able to touch and feel fabrics, tile, flooring options, or other finishes and materials.

  • We will meet at different showrooms or our studio.
  • This may be a series of multiple meetings, depending on project scope.

/ 7 /  REFINE

Your home should tell your story.

  • It is very important to us to create a personalized design to ensure an individualized outcome for you.
  • We will implement any change requests at this point and prepare your documentation package upon your approval of the design.



3D renderings are always included in our design.

/ 9 /  EXECUTE

We will provide the contractor of your choice with all necessary information they will need to start construction.

  • If you choose to purchase any furniture through Harty Interiors, we will collect payment and start our ordering process at this time.
  • Once all of your items have arrived at the warehouse and all construction-based phases have been completed, we will schedule a day to deliver and install your new furniture, along with accessories and styling.
Considering a renovation or embarking on a custom home journey? Let us guide you through the process and craft a design…

you’ll love for years.