Modern Kitchen Remodel: The Journey from Before to After

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Yvonne Harty
Explore Harty Interiors' captivating before and after of this modern kitchen makeover in a three-generational home, where classic style meets bold design.
Modern Kitchen Remodel: The Journey from Before to After

After living in their home for two years, a three-generational family embarked on the transformative journey of breathing life into the heart of their home – the kitchen.

The family sought the expertise of Harty Interiors, whose stellar reputation preceded them, sparking the initiation of a splendid kitchen remodel journey.

In this blog post we will dive deeper into this kitchen transformation that encompasses modern solutions and bold designs.

Understanding our client's vision

As the project began, we were met with a kitchen in need of updating, with outdated cabinets and a lack of storage space. The family was ready to take the steps to improve the overall aesthetic of their space and create a space that their entire family enjoyed.  The family dreamed of a blend of modern and warm, inviting aesthetics. But more than that, they wanted a kitchen that fit their lifestyle.


Through our detailed interpretation of their vision, we maintained the essence of the home, blending existing elements such as the hardwood floors throughout the home and a bold, unique coffee nook with modern innovations to resurrect the kitchen into a vibrant hub of the home.

Crafting a distinct and functional design

We began by conceptualizing a design that mirrored the family’s personality and accommodated their diverse needs through a functional kitchen design.

The introduction of hutch-style cabinets not only elevated the kitchen’s aesthetic but ensured accessibility and ease for all members of the family. We also added an additional dishwasher to help keep up  with the rhythm of a busy household.

Smart storage space solutions were incorporated in the pantry, allowing for spacious countertops in the functional part of the kitchen, while keeping small appliances neatly tucked away but easily accessible as needed. The transformed space now efficiently accommodates the many ways that their the kitchen is used on a daily basis.

Material Selection for a Harmonious Design

During the exciting phase of material and color palette selection, we delved into the world of modern kitchen designs. The combination of creamy white cabinets and wood elements created a refreshing backdrop, perfectly balanced by a traditional undermount sink and a tasteful blue tile backsplash. Together, these elements draw you into its bright and inviting space.

At the heart of this transformation stood the kitchen island that seamlessly blends aesthetics and durability. It was updated with timeless finishes and ivory tone  quartz countertops complementing the creamy white upper cabinets.

They maximized the natural light in the kitchen while creating an exquisite sense of balance with the darker features.

Choosing the ideal wall color was a pivotal decision in achieving overall harmony within the room. The graceful dance between the creamy white shade and the bold aesthetic of the custom cabinets framed a picture-perfect scene, enveloping the entire space in a warm embrace. The result? A cohesive and vibrant kitchen makeover that leaves a lasting impression.

Adding interest with unexpected pieces

The addition of black bar stools to the kitchen island brought a contemporary flair to the space, in line with the latest kitchen remodel trends. These stools not only enhanced the style but also established a breakfast bar area that melds luxury with comfort.

Black and brass fixtures added a fresh and modern touch to the kitchen renovation. Pairing excellently with lighter materials, these fixtures brought both style and durability, showcasing the kitchen’s edgy yet sophisticated personality.

The tailored lighting design allowed the kitchen to offer a luminous haven during the day and while softening the environment at night for family dinners.

Through a layered approach featuring pendant lights and under-cabinet lighting, we curated an ambiance where every moment could find its perfect glow – and every task could be carried out with ease.

Overcoming challenges with creative intuition

During the remodel journey, we navigated challenges with existing floor undertones, ensuring a harmonious palette across the space, from the coffee bar to the cabinetry.

  • Avoiding clashes: We wove the floor's undertones into a harmonized color palette, crafting a space where every element sings in unified tones.
  • Maintaining balance: We blended a mix of bold and subdued hues, ensuring a vibrant yet cohesive atmosphere that delights without overwhelming the senses.
  • Incorporating the coffee bar: Our artful integration of the coffee bar achieves standout allure without overshadowing
  • Keeping the kitchen clutter-free: We championed simplicity with designated clutter-free zones, ensuring an organized space that is easy to maintain.

Inspired for your own kitchen makeover?

Guided by Harty Interiors the family embarked on a journey carved with trust and transparency.

The collaboration between the interior designer, contractors, and suppliers stood testament to the project's success and to Harty Interior’s commitment to bringing visions to life.

This journey was not just a renovation; it was the crafting of a warm, inviting space rich with stories waiting to be told and meals waiting to be shared. Let this kitchen makeover fuel your imagination, invoking kitchen remodel ideas for your home. Get in touch with the interior design team at Harty Interiors today to weave your very own before and after kitchen remodel tale, unfolding the hidden potential that your home harbors.

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