The Ultimate Guide To A Stunning Whole House Remodel

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Yvonne Harty
Find out why a whole house remodel is a better way to achieve a cohesive, coordinated design for your home.
The Ultimate Guide To A Stunning Whole House Remodel

Imagine this: You've spent countless hours scrolling through Pinterest, dreaming of the perfect home. But as you walk through your own space, you can't help but feel a sense of dissatisfaction. One room at a time, you've attempted to update and renovate, only to find yourself trapped in a never-ending cycle of mismatched styles and incomplete visions.

Home renovations should result in a cohesive design that both wows and welcomes your guests. The materials should be coordinated, and the flow of the entire home should be considered. Moving from room to room should feel like reading different chapters of the same thoughtfully organized and beautifully written story.

The best way to ensure your house renovation meets your high design standards and doesn't compromise on quality is to undertake a whole house remodel. 

In this blog, we'll explore the advantages of a whole house remodel over choosing to update your home room-by-room. Plus, we'll share tips for selecting the right home renovation team to achieve a luxurious, cohesive design.

Convenience & consistency: Why a whole house remodel works best

Whole home remodeling offers distinct advantages over room-by-room remodeling. You achieve a level of design precision that's almost impossible to replicate by engaging contractors and designers on a room-by-room basis. And while this level of remodeling demands a higher upfront investment of energy and funds, the stunning result is worth the initial outlay. 

The Ultimate Guide To A Stunning Whole House Remodel

Create a calming, cohesive design

Whole house remodels create a beautiful balance in your home. You can feel it in every aspect of your interiors, from the overall design style to the small, intricate details of your decorations.

You can consider the entire flow of the home and how each room's function supports it. Remodeling your entire home makes it easier to achieve balance in your color schemes and coordinate your furniture, materials, and fabric choices. That way, each room plays its part in creating a symphony of light and color, texture and flow.

The Ultimate Guide To A Stunning Whole House Remodel

Use harmonious, consistent materials

A whole house remodel offers the advantage of purchasing all materials at once, ensuring consistency in color, texture, quality, and cost. This eliminates the risk of variations that can occur when materials are purchased at different times.

By waiting several years between home remodeling projects, there is a possibility that the glossy marble countertops chosen for the kitchen may no longer be available for the bathrooms. Even if materials are sourced from the same supplier or quarry, there is no guarantee of a perfect match in pattern or color. To achieve a cohesive look and price, it is best to order all materials together.

When materials, textures, and fabrics are purchased together, they create a sense of design continuity throughout the interior. Harmonious colors, balanced textures, and matching materials contribute to an elevated and unified design aesthetic.

The Ultimate Guide To A Stunning Whole House Remodel

Maximize cost efficiency

A home remodeling project can be costly but using a piecemeal approach to home renovations can be more expensive in the long run. 

Whole house remodels allow you to benefit from the economy of scale. You'll enjoy lower rates and faster work from tradespeople when you engage their services for your entire home. A high proportion of the cost in trades is the set-up time and materials, like prepping a surface for painting. For example, if you hire painters to paint your entire house, you only pay for the "prep time" once—remodeling room-by-room forces you to pay that cost for each room.

Have the foresight to build a future-proofed home

Whether you intend to resell your current home or stay in it forever, remodeling the entire house allows you to make upgrades that will make it cost-efficient and comfortable for years to come.

A whole house remodel makes it easier to achieve critical future-proofing projects like:

  • Converting fossil-burning HVAC to electric
  • Updating older electrical and plumbing work to comply with current standards
  • Installing solar panels or air-to-water electric or heating systems
  • Incorporating universal design to allow the home to age with you
  • Ensuring your wall and roof insulation is up to current efficiency standards

Projects like these are a little less exciting than the fabulous finishes, but they're vital for ensuring a functional home as long as you choose to live there. 

Why hire an interior designer for a complete home remodel?

While it's true that remodeling the entire house can be overwhelming, an experienced interior designer can help alleviate those inconveniences and make your whole home remodeling project less burdensome for you and your family.

An interior designer makes a home renovation feel almost effortless by shouldering the bulk of the administrative and organizational burden. 

They'll help you identify your wants and needs for the project and whether your house should transform into a forever home or a brilliant resell asset.

Interior designers will deliver a cohesive plan for your overall flow and functionality, ensuring your family can live comfortably in each space. They'll consider each room's function and ensure the rooms are working together aesthetically and each to its unique purpose.

An experienced interior designer can leverage their sound contractor relationships for your project. They'll collaborate with contractors and help make design decisions when questions arise. They also assume the role of project manager to help you meet your budget and timeline targets.

The first 4 steps to prepare for a whole home remodel

If you're ready to get started on a whole home remodel, here are the four steps we recommend:

1. Build your design and construction teams

Research likely candidates online and then call possible contractors/designers to get quotes. When you meet candidates, talk to them about their communication style and how well they work on a budget. Always, always ask for references.

2. Secure permits and zoning compliance

If you're working with an experienced interior designer, they can help you with the construction administration involved in a home remodel.

3. Nail down the design

Work with your interior designer to find a whole house design that meets your needs and achieves your design aspirations. During this step, you'll make materials and color choices. Your designer will work with your contractors to source materials.

4. Get started on your remodel!

Experience the transformation of a whole home remodel and unlock its undeniable advantages. Imagine the satisfaction of reaching the end of your project, where you will be greeted with a stunning, fully finished home. No more lingering to-do items or endless next steps - just pure bliss and effortless enjoyment in your breathtaking new space. 

At Harty Interiors, we balance high-performance floor plans with luxe interiors, creating exceptional homes that reflect your impeccable, unique style. Choose the power of a whole home remodel over room by room upgrades and embrace the ultimate upgrade for your lifestyle.

Talk to the team today to explore your home's spectacular potential. We can't wait to guide you through the exhilarating experience of a whole house remodeling project.

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