Thank you for choosing Harty Interiors. We are delighted to work with you on your design project. This agreement confirms our methods of operation in connection with work discussed for the project at the provided address.


  1. Harty Interiors provides the following services:
  2. Preparation of interior plans including floor plans, elevations, and reflected ceiling plans.
  3. Selection of fabrics, furnishings, finishes, accessories, artwork and architectural treatments.
  4. Lighting Design
  5. Periodic inspection of residence during any installation to ensure work is done in accordance with professional standards and design concept.
  6. Harty Interiors cannot assume responsibility for supervision of pets while working on site.


If this project requires contractors, architects, engineers, consultants, subcontractors, and/or installers to perform work or services based on Designer’s concepts, Client will enter in all such contracts directly. Designer is not a licensed general contractor and Harty Interiors does not provide any warranty, guarantee, or certification of work performed by any contractor, architect, engineer, consultant, subcontractor, and/or installer. Harty Interiors is not responsible for the quality of the work, materials used, or performance of any contractor, architect, engineer, consultant, subcontractor, and/or installer.


Client is responsible for permitting and or any and all approvals and compliance required by any governmental agency. If applicable, the contractor assigned to the project shall obtain permits at the commencement of a project on behalf of the client.


Client will supply to the Designer all necessary approvals, decisions, and other information necessary for the proper and timely execution of the project. If there is any delay in providing all approvals, decisions, and/or necessary information, Harty Interiors shall not be responsible for any ensuing delays, increased costs, or other adverse consequences.


Vendor pricing can be subject to change without notice and is outside Harty Interiors’ control. Harty Interiors does not warrant or guarantee the quoted prices of merchandise, interior installation, or other services not performed by Harty Interiors.


Full deposit is required for each item and only upon receipt of deposit Designer will place order. Designer shall arrange delivery and installation of Designer-purchased furnishings and other items purchased on behalf of the Client for the Project. If available, Client will receive 50% of Designer discount and Designer will receive 50%. When practical, Designer will present specification to Client for Client to purchase directly from vendor. Client is wholly responsible for all items purchased by the Client.


If a product is received damaged or defective from the manufacturer (which happens with regularity), Harty Interiors will correct the problem in the timeliest manner. Harty Interiors cannot be responsible for delays due to defective products or backorders, as this is out of our control. This only applies to products purchased through Harty Interiors.

Please note: Delays may impact the length of the project. Your design team will discuss subsequent delays with you as they occur.


Some or all of the items purchased from vendors cannot be returned, refunded, and/or exchanged, and some orders cannot be cancelled once they are placed, especially for custom and/or specially produced items. Should you choose to return any item once it’s been ordered, it is strictly at the supplier’s discretion and subject to their restocking fee. Custom orders are not restockable/returnable.


Client agrees to reimburse Harty Interiors for any out-of-pocket expenses incurred by Designer in relation to the services, including by way of example but not limitation expenses incurred for freight and/or postage charges, and delivery and/or storage costs. All such reimbursable expenses must be first approved by Client.


Harty Interiors may take photographs of the site prior to the design installation. Harty Interiors may take, or have professional photographs taken, at any stage of the work and upon completion of the design project. These photographs may be used by Harty Interiors for any purpose, including for social media, websites, advertising and/or marketing materials for Harty Interiors. All photographs remain the property of Harty Interiors. Client agrees to the taking and use including publication of photographs of the project. However, Harty Interiors may not use or publish the Client’s name and/or address without prior consent.


Harty Interiors strives for the most comfortable, enjoyable, and transparent design experience possible.   We require open communication and honest feedback.


Either Harty Interiors or Client may terminate this agreement if the other fails to perform according to the terms contained in this contract. The party desiring to terminate this agreement must first notify the other party in writing of the problem. Upon termination Harty Interiors shall be entitled to payment for all services completed, all merchandise on order, and all outstanding time and out of pocket expenses for the Clients project.


Neither Harty Interiors, Designer’s Consultants, nor their agents or employees shall be jointly or individually liable to the Client for an amount in excess of the proceeds of the available professional liability insurance coverage.


Harty Interiors retains all proprietary rights, including property ownership, intellectual property rights and/or copyrights, in and to all of the draft and final concepts, designs, drawings, schematics, and/or plans that are used in the course of this Agreement. Harty Interiors does not grant any right or license to Client except for the right to non-exclusive use and enjoyment of the services and/or designs supplied under this Agreement. By way of example but not limitation, Harty Interiors retains all rights to use, incorporate, and/or implement some or all of the concepts, designs, and/or plans provided under this Agreement to other clients, now and in the future.


This represents our entire agreement and the terms of this contract cannot be modified except in a writing that is signed by both Harty Interiors and Client.

We thank you for your business and look forward to working with you.

Yvonne Harty

Principal Designer
Harty Interiors